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Selected Wine of the Month:
Sauvignon Blanc Republic 2003

800-817-9657 [in NJ]

Sauvignon Blanc Republic 2003

This is a new winery founded by four men of kindred spirit. They are dedicated to producing one world-class grape varietal-Sauvignon Blanc John B. Buechsenstein - winemaker and GM for Sauvignon Republic. John has been a winemaker for many years including the making of award winning wines at Fife Vineyards. John Ash - founder of John Ash & Company restaurant 24 years ago in Sonoma County, long-time culinary director for Brown Forman wines, award winning cookbook author, syndicated writer for the Los Angeles Times. Paul Dolan - President for many years of Fetzer Vineyards, 4th generation winemaker, principal in a number of wine business activities including Pacific Wine Storage and Parducci Vineyards. Tom Meyer - long time restaurateur who is currently developing a chain of restaurants in the Southeast called the "Q Shack". Tom has been brand director for Kendall Jackson and Fetzer Vineyards. They are intrigued by two things about this grape-It is a grape variety that expresses "terroir" (the place that it is grown) more profoundly than almost any other grape variety. California, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and France are the locations where it has shown greatness. They intend to produce a wine in each area. Food styles and flavors have changed profoundly in recent years. The increasing influence of these new cuisines is having a profound impact on wine choices. Sauvignon Blanc has the unique ability to wrap itself around all of these new flavors and cuisines. They are committed to becoming the experts on Sauvignon Blanc and are committed to producing it around the world in the best locations. Wine is food. It is not something apart but there to be enjoyed with the rest of the foods at the meal. We should strive to more fully enjoy the pleasures of the table. At the winery, they are committed to innovation and practices that will yield the best quality wine that they can make. The decision to use the Stelvin (screw cap) closure only is an example of this commitment. This closure is clearly superior to cork finished wines that too often suffer from incidences of cork taint. Tasting Notes Winemaker John Buechsenstein “Classic pale-straw color with rich pineapple, grapefruit, and tropical fruit layers and a touch of herbal “green” Sauvignon notes. Again we were able to juggle delicious fruitiness and refreshing acidity supported by a surprising richness and length of finish.”

Price: $19.99
Reorders: $14.49

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