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Selected Wine of the Month:
Weinert Carrascal Red

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Weinert Carrascal Red

Bernardo C. Weinert, considered to be the father of modern Argentine wines, started his activities in the wine business as importer and distributor of the argentine wine San Felipe in Brazil. This is a chronological outline of his history.

1972- To his distribution chain the wine Santa Helena from Chile was included.

1975 - Located and negotiated the acquisition of an old winery construction in Mendoza, originally built in 1890 by Mr. Antonio R. Otero and abandoned by the year 1920.

Fermentation tanks for white wines with thermal revetment and controlled temperatures were constructed.

A complete cooling system was installed for the vinification of white wines.

A complete laboratory system to attend the necessities of control of vinification and development of the wines. Mr. Juan Ponce was the first lab technician.

A new harvesting system with the use of scissors to cut grapes and wooden boxes to transport them was implemented, to ensure the arrival of selected and whole berries into the crusher, maintaining aromatic qualities of grapes and avoiding their exposure to an early and previous oxidation. A complete and modern bottling and dressing unit was installed. The winery was equipped with oak casks from France.

1977 - The reconstruction is finished and the installation of all necessary elements for high quality wine production.

On 14th May the first harvest was initiated. Malbec, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, and Semillon were picked. All the grapes were pre-selected to guarantee the maximum varietal purity. The 1977 harvest was of an exceptional quality, producing wines of incredible quality. These had a great influence in the characteristics of Argentine wines, creating a turning point in Argentine wine industry. The true classical wines were now the goal.

1978 - Exports to the Brazilian market started. Domestic market sales started with a distribution unit installed in Buenos Aires.

White wines caused a great impact for their aromatic quality and non-oxidized color, unknown characteristics in the market of argentine wines.

The Wine

A brilliant ruby tone combined with deeper reds make this wine particularly attractive. Its bouquet is well developed, two years of aging in French oak shows a deft touch of oak, also showing ripe red fruits. Harmonious, smooth and flexible with deep concentrated flavors, it is a well balanced wine. On the finish there are fine tannins with just the right amount of acidity to keep it lively. It is well rounded and distinctive. An Argentina meritage wine with a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Recipe Suggestion: Argentinean Steak with Parsley Sauce: Carne y Chimichurri
Price: $14.99
Reorders: $10.15

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