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Selected Wine of the Month:
Mont Gras Sauvignon Blanc

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Mont Gras Sauvignon Blanc

Inspired by Hernán Gras, who has a brilliant winemaking trajectory in Canada, along with the entrepreneurial vision of his brother Eduardo and Hartwig's pragmatic businesses view, who comes from a winemaking family and who in addition has strong bonds with Colchagua, joined together to give to life to Viña MontGras in 1993, the first project of MontGras Properties.

MontGras, that has always had state-of-the-art technology in all its processes, set out from its conception to be the winery with the best premium wine from Chile. It is no accident then, the great amount of international prizes that have recognized the professional work, the constant quality and the innovation of MontGras wines.

In this, like corporative culture, people have been key. As Hernán Gras, Chairman of the Board says, "our philosophy has to do with producing quality Chilean wines at exceptional value, which reflect the specific terroir from where the grape comes from. Although we count on the equipment and the technology, it is definitively our people that make the difference. To create a wine is a true art in which all the senses are used."

The Region

The Colchagua Valley is one of the most important agricultural areas in Chile, renowned for its fruit crops and excellent vineyards. Apart from its privileged geographical location, the other main factor that determines the superior quality of the Colchagua Valley wines is its climate.

Colchagua has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by four clearly defined seasons. This climate is rare, existing at only four other points around the world: the Mediterranean coast; the California coast; the Cape of Good Hope; and the southeast coast of Australia.

Low humidity, the Pacific Ocean's maritime influence and the breeze from the Andes Mountain Range alternatively, generate an ideal condition for grape growing, especially in the summer months (November - April), where thermal variation fluctuates up to 22° C (62° F).

This allows the grape to mature slowly, with a long growing season and therefore achieving a long molecular chain which is responsible for the aroma and taste of the fruit. In autumn, winter and spring, convective frosts are not registered.

The Wine

The appearance is pale straw yellow. The aroma is loaded with grapefruit, passion fruit and figs combined with nice fresh grass and asparagus notes. Intense and attractive. The flavors are deep and intense citric fruit and melon. It not only has freshness, but also volume and a nice texture. Full bodied, 100% Sauvignon Blanc

This fresh and aromatic wine is ideal to enjoy as an appetizer, to accompany salads or fresh seafood.

Price: $10.99
Reorders: $7.99

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