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Selected Wine of the Month:
Calling All Angels

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Calling All Angels

Last month we featured the red wine form this winery with a popular response, so here is the white to go along with it. Well if the front label doesn't get you and the back label doesn't hold your attention, perhaps the wine itself will? San Francisco based band Train has teamed up with Concannon Vineyards to produce this Petite Sirah, Drops of Jupiter. This is very fitting since Jim Concannon is responsible for bottling the first Petite Sirah over 50 years ago. The man behind Train’s wines is Adam Richardson, a 45-year-old Aussie Navy-man turned winemaker. His style of wine making – unapologetically fruit-forward and approachable – shines in the Drops of Jupiter Petite Syrah. Adam likes focusing on small lot techniques, which tame the tannins to make a wine that easy to drink without sacrificing all the depth and complexity that is uniquely found in Petite Sirah. Partial proceeds from each bottle sold go to support Family Home Inc. Actually, Train donates a third of the profits from wine sales Family House in San Francisco, which provides temporary housing to the families of sick children. Jimmy Stafford, lead guitarist for Train, and fellow band member Pat Monahan really are wine enthusiasts…maybe even wine geeks! What does Jimmy do before a show? Sip a glass of the band’s Petite Syrah. And after the show? It’s another Train wine, “Calling all Angels” Chardonnay. The Wine Product Description Fruit-forward, medium-bodied Chardonnay. Fantastic citrus scent and a hint of pineapple that works great with the slight vanilla bean notes. The soft tannins and long finish make this great with both a dinner or a drink with friends. Serve it chilled to allow the flavors to evolve in the glass. - Winery The Today Show featured our "Calling All Angels" Chardonnay as one of the wines that give back. Thanks to KLG, Hoda, and Leslie Sbrocco for your kind words! As seen on TV- “Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company, a collaboration between Underdog Wine & Spirits and Grammy Award-winning band Train, announces the launch of its second varietal offering, Calling All Angels Chardonnay. Following the successful launch of Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co.'s inaugural varietal, Drops of Jupiter Petite Sirah, the new varietal is named for Train's chart-topping single and embodies the story behind the music. "Even though Train was successful after we won the Grammy for Drops of Jupiter, I felt unsuccessful in my life," says Train lead singer Pat Monahan. "A friend encouraged me to call my angels. Through this song, I thought I could help others call their angels, too." Inspired, Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. vintner Adam Richardson has interpreted Train's song as a fruit-forward, medium bodied Chardonnay. "The song is uplifting and fulfilling, as is Calling All Angels Chardonnay with its soft tannins and long finish." Train guitarist and wine fan Jimmy Stafford agrees, "Chardonnay is my go-to choice of wine after rockin' out under the bright lights on stage. This blend has a fantastic citrus scent, a hint of pineapple that is refreshing to enjoy both with dinner or drinks with friends."

Price: $10.99
Reorders: $7.99

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